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Article mis en ligne le 10 janvier 2010

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Le livre électronique au

Consumer Electronic Show - 2010



Le Consumer electronic show, le plus grand salon de l'électronique dans le monde, se tient actuellement à Las Vegas aux États-Unis avec une place de choix réservée au livre électronique. Voici quelques liens et images.


Le premier exposant que je retiens est TrendyDigital Design, une firme qui offre des pochettes de fabrication artisanale pour les livres électroniques. Quand nous en sommes à la mise en marché de tels accessoires pour le livre électronique, c'est dire qu'il y a des coins du monde où le nouveau monde du livre se développe plus rapidement qu'ailleurs.



Voici quelques-uns des livres électroniques présentés lors du Consumer electronic show 2010.



Consumer Electronic Show - 2010



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Team Research

Product Name:   Astak 5 inch Pocket PRO for $199

Model Number:   EZPocketPRO

Lighter, faster, more full featured! The Pocket PRO is pure excitement in 6 colors! It has EVERYTHING: Adobe Digital Editions, 20 formats, 8 level grey scale, TextToSpeech, Hyperlinks, USE-REPLACEABLE recahrgeable battery, SD card slot to 16GB, SEARCH, MP3 stereo, and the lowest price!! Leather case INCLUDED!!



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Interead Ltd.

Product Name:   COOL-ER

COOL-ER is a light, small and elegant electronic book (ebook) reader (ereader).



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Product Name:   CYBOOK OPUS

The Cybook Opus combines feature rich quality, and the latest ebook reader technology in a compact, stylish and elegant design. This pocket sized reader can be held in one hand and fits perfectly in any purse, briefcase or pocket!




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HiVision Co., Ltd.

Product Name: Digital E-book Reader with e-ink display
Model Number: E106B

With 6inch E-ink display and WiFi connectivity.Sleek, lightweight and ultra-thin, our E-BOOK Reader E106B lets you access over 500,00 free online books—a virtually limitless reading library!



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Ditto Book

Product Name: DittoBook
Model Number: F150

DittoBook is an eBook Reader which is used to read electronic books or eBooks



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Gajah International (HK) Co., Ltd.

Product Name: EB-S502 Ebook Reader
Model Number: 502

An Ebook Reader. 5 inches TFT display. Support multi text format. Support external memory up to 16GB.



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Aluratek Inc.


Aluratek Libre eBook Reader Pro comes preloaded with 100 ebooks and 2GB SD Card.



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Entourage Systems, Inc.

Product Name: enTourage eDGe

The enTourage eDGe™, a multi-functional interactive dualbook, combines an e-reader, notepad, and netbook into one. It allows users to read e-books, surf the Web, write notes, send emails or IMs, listen to music, record/watch videos, record audio content and convert text to speech, on a comprehensive platform.



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Plastic Logic

Product Name: eReader


Modèle : QUE


Modèle : QUE proReader with 4GB & Wi-Fi


Modèle : QUE proReader with 8GB, Wi-Fi and 3G



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Foxit Software Company

Product Name: eSlick
Model Number: eSlick 1.0

Foxit eSlick is this generation's way of reading textbooks, favorite novels, magazines and pretty much any and all documents and images that can be converted to PDF file. It is the 'slickest' e-book device on the market at 0.4" thick, 6.4 ounces, fitting well in your hand just like your palm desktop. It has an internal memory of 512MB and comes with a 2 GB SD card (supports up to 4 GB) allowing you to carry up to a thousand books in your palm library. Resolution is 600 x 800 pixel. It uses revolutionary electronic-paper display technology that provides a sharp, black-and-white screen that looks and reads just like it would on real paper. It is easy to read and will not strain the eyes like LCD screens do. It also provides the best PDF reflow capability that gives a better reading experience. It has a built-in MP3 player and comes with free Foxit Reader Pro Pack, Foxit PDF Creator and earphones at an astounding low price of $259.



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Western Graphics Inc.

Product Name: PocketBook 301+ E-Book reader

E-Book reader with 6" E-Ink display
8000 pages per one battery charge
16 grayscales
up to 20,000 books with the SD-card
embedded dictionaries, sudoku, chess
understands all languages and encodings from the box and almost all existing formats



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HanWang Tech. Co. Ltd. (ou HANVON)

Product Name: WISEreader-N516/N518/N520/N526

The Hanvon eBook Reader is an Electric Paper Display based device that provides pleasant reading experience to the customers. Touch screen, Handwriting input, and Wi-Fi connections are core strengths of Hanvon eBook Reader.



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Skiff Reader

The Skiff Reader, the first e-reader to integrate the upcoming Skiff Service, is a state-of-the-art device that is simple and easy-to-use. Our innovations include:


Largest e-paper display › More viewing area for a richer reading experience.

Thinnest e-reading device › Remarkably sleek. Easy to hold, use and carry.

Most durable e-reader › First-of-its-kind metal-foil display (eliminating the fragility of glass). A magnesium housing. An incredibly sturdy device.

Highest display resolution › Four times as many pixels as most e-book readers, for more immersive reading.

Full touch screen › For intuitive content selection and navigation. Instant page turns with the swipe of a finger.

Extraordinary battery life › Read for a week between charges.

Communiqué de presse





Et voici un livre électronique spécialisé dans le domaine de la cuisine, ce qui va plaire à mon fils Benoît, cuisinier.



Consumer Electronic Show - 2010



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Key Ingredient Corporation

Product Name: The Demy Recipe Reader

Key Ingredient is the best place to find, create, share and collect recipes online. Our flagship product, The Demy® , is the world’s first touchscreen, kitchen-safe recipe reader. The Demy puts all of your recipes from Key Ingredient and world-class cookbook publishers at your fingertips where you need them most - in the kitchen.




Il s'agit d'un livre électronique de recettes avec des fonctions spécifiques et un écran tactile. Du bout du doigt, on peut naviguer dans les recettes, convertir des mesures, programmer une minuterie, trouver des ingrédients de remplacement pour une recette, enregistrer ses propres recettes et feuilleter des livres de recettes de partout dans le monde, créer une liste de recettes préférées,... Qui plus est, l'appareil est à l'épreuve des petits accidents : renversement de liquide, doigts sales,...



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Article mis en ligne le 10 janvier 2010

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